Email Address Rules

Login to the webmail and click the Settings button

Netosoft Webmail-settings

- Click [Policy] in the Settings List
- Click [Address Rules] on section column

Netosoft Webmail-policy-addressrule

To add an email address to the list, select the action from the pull-down 
list, type in the email address and click [Add Email].

To remove an email address from the list, just click on the Trash icon
besides the email address.

Netosoft Webmail-policy-addressrule-settings

Some notes for Address Rules
- Blacklist: all emails send from that account will be marked as SPAM

- Whitelist: all emails send from that account will not be marked as SPAM

- Score: you can fine tune the SPAM score of each email
  From score +5.0 to score -5.0 or "Neutral" that means unchange

- To affect all emails of a domain, you can use "" as the 
  email address